Re-cap: A Conversation around Fear

Last year I had a “Conversation Around Fear” with members of the IATA Women Network which resulted in a 7 week online course towards courageous living. I came accross this information today and thought I would share!

We spoke about the “Roots” of “Emotion” (in this case Fear). The diagram below illustrates how all (actions), are a result of (emotions), that arise from our (thoughts) which are created by an innate (belief) system. And if we are to change or transform our emotions and thus our results, we are going to need to either change those beliefs or neutralize them with a new more powerful set of beliefs. A few of the beliefs that create fear are:

I have no choice, I have no control over my life and I cannot handle whatever comes.


We also spoke about the type of actions (results) that are created by this set of beliefs (Aggressive or Passive Aggressive actions) that breed even more fear and lack of control, versus (Assertive Actions) that arise from a feeling of confidence and personal power.

We also spoke about how our feelings, thoughts and beliefs are expressed in our language, and the first step towards changing these beliefs, is being AWARE of the language we are using on a daily basis.

We have also briefly addressed the subject of balance (through discussing the Life Grid), which is addressed in more detail in the online course 7 weeks to fearing-less.

For the complete Prezi presentation online, follow this link and if you too like to take the full online course for free, drop me an email.


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