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Beyond Willpower: Ending Emotional Eating

“Diets”, or what research called food restriction, can become in itself the cause of persistent weight gain (and the beginning of a search for yet another diet), this is a link to a summary of how dieting has been found to contribute to weight gain.

So if diet is not the solution, what is?


A weight loss goal should be embarked on like any other personal/spiritual development target, no improvement can take place without an understanding of who we are.

I designed the “Beyond Willpower: Ending emotional eating” workshop with a combination of techniques from bioenergetics, neuroscience and energy therapy in order to help you peel off the layers of suppressed emotions, beliefs and inner blocks that kept you stuck for so long. A one on one program based on it is also available.

Below is the outline of the sessions; and some of the answers we cover:


How do I know what and how much to eat?

We have been taught to control the body through the mind, which was believed to be superior, we lost touch with our physical bodies and its needs, this lead us to seek out experts in areas of life that have been balanced for centuries by instinct.

To transform this we use: Grounding exercises (bonus, this takes care of fears and anxiety), canceling common cultural beliefs and EFT for common traumas.


Why am I constantly stuck in the same weight?

When we decide to change or face a challenge, we uncover a conflict, a part of us wants to go one way and another very real part prefers to stay unchanged. To stay where we are, we have created beliefs, an environment and a life style that support us in our efforts, those same supporters become our biggest enemies in change.

To transform this we use: Eft to uncover self-sabotage, unlinking of traumas connected to earlier weight loss, visualisation (we also address what it means when we are not able to do it and how it can help us).


What about the foods I crave and can’t stop eating?

When we are grounded, the role of Craving is to communicate what our body really needs; replenish the nutrients it’s missing; it is a direct result of allowing our body to be ruled solely by the mind. On a different level though, cravings also indicate what we think we need emotionally. If you are stuck in a cycle of diet-bingeing, and feel like purging or over-exercising every time you eat, you will learn how eating while anxious will keep us in the Binge cycle, while taking away food (deprivation) will prime our brains further for the Binge; it’s a deadly cycle that seems to take us no-where.

To transform this we: Address cravings directly with specific cravings exercises in which you are welcome to bring in the foods you crave the most (some people report not being able to eat those foods again after those exercises, however the idea is to return to a healthy level of wanting and pleasure around food), we will also work on forgiveness and anxiety in order to take away the fuel that keeps the binge cycle going.


Why do I continue to eat quickly even though I know it is a major contributor to my over-eating!

This is mainly due to an unhealthy relationship to pleasure and wanting, or issues related to unconscious memories around eating.

To transform this we: Address beliefs about pleasure, learn to handle and get back in touch with our emotions before they cause over-eating and use the body to access feelings that cause us to react with over-eating while dining.


I lose my motivation quickly, don’t I have WILLPOWER!

According to research, will-power is an expendable resource. If you are using it to get things done all day and draining it with your use of words and thinking patterns then you won’t have enough for effecting change.

To transform this we: Identify and eliminate will power wasters and learn how to use personal power instead, also getting rid of the guilt and shame that take away from your personal power.


I hate my body!

The focus on body image is signaling towards other areas that need addressing in our life, there is a belief that maybe losing the weight will give us what we are missing (joy, happiness, comfort).

To transform this we: Follow a step by step process towards creating the life we want, even before we lose all the weight. Also re-owning our sexual energy (the energy of attraction and charisma) in order to help us arrive at our goals easily and passionately.


What is different about this program?

Unlike diets, the results attained with this program are permanent and the skills the participants learn result in ongoing weight loss long after the program has ended, this is because the underlying causes are being addressed and dealt with.


Tools we use:

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), this is a well-researched tool that has been proven to reduce anxiety, help change habits and help heal from trauma, safely and effectively (this is only to name a few). It is also simple and safe enough as a tool to use on your own or with a friend.

Bio-energetic exercises: Many fields have explored how the body stores “incomplete” emotions, that the individual experienced and wasn’t able to express at the time. Completing the gestalt of the emotion helps bring us back to a balanced state. We release anger, fear, and sadness instead of medicating them with food and anxiety medicines.

Grounding and connecting exercises: We are balanced in our emotions and actions when the two energies of heaven and earth are properly balanced within us. Lack of grounding and connection create anxiety, fear, emotional eating and a host of problems in our life. Simple and easy techniques to incorporate in our daily activities are addressed in this workshop.

Concept of brain re-wiring: It has been proven that the neurons in our brain are plastic (controversial to classic thinking they are very adaptive to change), this is the emerging area of neuroscience that is changing the areas of psychology, coaching and learning. Various exercises that capitalize on this concept have been incorporated in this course, including Ask and Receive, a modality developed by Sandy Radomsky and her partner, is one of the fastest ways for transforming beliefs and habits.


This workshop is running end of November 2015 in Amman- Jordan at Playground, contact me directly for further details.