Ask the coach: Dealing with Chaos

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Dalia asks: “I feel I’m living in chaos: my closets are cluttered, there’s no more space to place a bottle of water on my night stand, my workspace is too chaotic it is highly affecting my performance, and even my thoughts are all over my brain I can’t seem to manage my ideas and creativity… I really need help!!! :(”


Chaos is a symptom, sit and write down the answer to the following questions in order to pinpoint the real issue behind it:

-Where else in my life do I find it difficult to make quick decisions
-What exactly are my priorities in life
-How many roles am I playing in my life (daughter, mother, wife, employee… etc..)
-What might I be benefiting from this chaotic state (does it make you feel busy/useful/important…), notice those feelings all throughout your week
-Why would I want to be more organized (if you close your eyes, how easy is it to see an organized space around you), write down how it is going to “feel” in detail when you actually get to that point.

One of the major chaos reducers is “stripping” the amount of “physical things” that you have in your life to the minimum and working up from there (if you think of a living room for example, what might be the bare essentials, on a smaller and more doable scale, on a side table, what are the bare essentials).

For some de-cluttering tips, check out this blog post for the basic “to toss or to keep question”.


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