Ask the coach: I cannot visualise

Farah asks: What do I do if I cannot visualize myself thin?

Coach: Dear Farah, visualization is not something we do, it is something that surfaces (when I ask you to imagine going to work, you will not have to make yourself visualize, it will be simple to imagine the way).

So when we can’t see ourselves at our destination, then there is a part of us that is resisting it (in your case resistance to being thin), there is a part of you that may not think you deserve it, or thinks its not safe, or that its too life altering. You might have lost weight at a certain time in your life and something negative happened at the same time that your brain is trying to save you from going through again. EFT is an excellent way to handle this resistance, but for starters, I want you to do the following exercise and let me know how it goes:
Sit down with a paper and a pen and take a look at all the thin people in your life and ask yourself if you associate thin with something negative, (being stuck in a marriage, being mean, unhappy), what is it that you don’t like about their life or your life when you were thin or lost a lot of weight.



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