Ask the coach: Will changing jobs make me happy

Rana S. asks: “Hi, I have been dissatisfied with my work lately, but I can’t figure out what is it that I would rather do, should I be looking for a job in the same field that I know but do not enjoy anymore, or should I look for something else. How can I find out what I really would like to do?”

Coach replies:

These feelings suggest a need of change in your life, not necessarily in your surrounding. Consider a few questions before you start thinking of changing your job, or you are going to only delay dealing with the real reason behind this need for change:

  1. What specifically (you think) is dissatisfying you in your current job?
  2. What is it that you may be enjoying about your current job? (why are you still there)
  3. How does this dis-satisfaction manifest in your work (are you grumpy, having less energy, overwhelmed with back-log…)
  4. Based on your answers, what can you do to change those results?
  5. How will you feel if those burdens where removed?
  6. How are you willing to take responsibilty for that?
  7. Who can help you with this? What are YOU willing to do about it? When?

The reason you need to ask yourself those questions, is not because changing your job may or may not be the right decision at this point of your career, but how you FEEL now is how you will feel no matter how the external situation looks like.

For eg.

If your dissatisfaction comes from the fact that you haven’t had a promotion or a salary raise for a while.. consider how much this is important to you and who in specific can help you do something about it. Take feedback as a clarifying tool to further evaluate your options.

If your dissatisfaction comes from the work having become redundant or un-interesting, or you realizing it does not capitalize on your strengths… consider how you can find out your strengths and consider ways to incorporate related tasks in your work, or even after work (doing what we enjoy greatly energizes us and gives us more energy to deal with what we need to do).

Happiness and satisfaction have a huge boost on our confidence levels, how do you think your chances are approaching a new employer with this transformed positive energy?

Good Luck, and let me know if you need more personalized work around this!


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