“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” Douglas Adamsrubahomaidi

In re-writing my resume, I sensed a faint remnant of the jostle I felt earlier, when I realized that I can no longer present myself as the “Head of the Financial Division at….”, and for a while, it felt like I talk about myself in third person, referring to who I WAS… trying to explain myself out of this sudden “loss of identity”…

Moving to Switzerland in late 2008, after a truly modern-day romantic fairy tale that joined me with my amazing husband, I was willing to explore the different career path I have been preparing for (which started with my holistic education at MNSHS), and to be challenged by a completely new culture, thriving in Alpine beauty. All,  a dream come true…  yet, what caught me by surprise was the new wave of fears, uncertainties and self esteem battles I re-entered while I was preparing to start my third year of School…

Earlier, when I met Munira (my holistic-teacher) in 2006, it was a couple of years after what I may call, a  “trying” time in my life, that was a different period of change (cities, jobs, relationships)… all toppling me out of my “emotionally still” zone into a sea of unsettling emotions, questions, and a learning quest. I played with the beliefs and truths of  the east and west and arrived at my own heart, learning to listen (really listen),  and to eventually recognize the “voice of truth” around me and within me. I currently practice personalized life coaching, (completed my holistic healing education, and received my coaching certification  weaving in energy therapies (primarily hands on healingEFT, and Ask and Receive) into this beautiful work , supported by an amazing community of healers and coaches, all which continues to change my life and those lives, that I am lucky to share this work with.

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“ruba helped me create a newer better version of me, more open to life, exploration, adventure, forgiveness, trust, passion, dedication, honesty, love, vulnerability, reality and dreams… She has touched my life in every single way”  Zaina Saed

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