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An Amazing Society of Coaches from across the world and with varied backgrounds and experiences:


Shoruq Burjaq, Jordan-Spain

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An extraordinary natural healer, trained in both Advanced EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting in addition to Theta Healing, she is also my partner in crime šŸ™‚ Shoruq is joining me in my first Retreat to help End Emotional Eating. Healing however is only one of her many talents, Shoruq is also a trained Chef, she speaks and works in four languages (Arabic, English, Italian and Spanish), has lived in four continents and traveled extensively.

Dania Dbaibo, Coaching your 3Ps, Lebanon (Beirut)

An insightful Coach and university professorĀ with a background in Psychology,Ā helpsĀ people derive joy fromĀ their personal and professional progress. Dania is one of the most authentic peopleĀ I met, check out reflections on her blog,Ā to realize how much she lives up to her moto ofĀ  “effecting positive change”. She has also initiated the set-up of a lebanese coach association, one of the first coach associations in the arab world!

Maria Galca,, Romania (Bukharist)

With a background in corporate training and human resource management, Maria helps young professionals build life-changing habits, check her blog for amazing coaching tips on effectiveness and upto date tips on “life management”.

Liv Rasmussen, Sweden

My peer coach on confidence, and one of the most JOYful motivational coaches ever. Check out her website for a free download of her self esteem toolbox.

Dr. Heike Stengel, Stengel Consulting, Germany

The truly passionate (and compassionate)Ā Dr. Stengel, generously offered me her support and experience inĀ the first few months of my arrival to Switzerland. Her multi-cultural experience and understanding of the emotional and social impact of what she calls the “international transitions” settled my confusions and opened me up further to enjoying my new surroundings.

Serge Thill, Accompany, Luxemburg

An expert on Gender Balance, Serge interviewed me on my experience as a ā€œfemaleā€ Financial Executive, check it out here