7 Weeks to Fearing-Less


Week One: Setting the target and expanding the boundaries

Week Two: Fear to Confidence

Week Three: Crafting your Life

Week Four: Watch your words

Week Five: What is Bravery?

Week Six: What is the pay-off?

Week Seven: Affirm your strength! 



Re-Cap: A conversation around fear (with members of the IATA Women Network)

Goals vs Dreams

Finding Meaning

Journaling through fear

Expanding our Comfort Zone

Group Contract


Note: This online workshop was created as I was asked to speak about fear to members of the IATA Women Network, I was very much aware that my intention to overcome an old fear of public speaking was at play here, two weeks earlier I joined a group training with Zain Ghanma (a jordanian public speaking expert), and shortly after that I was presented with an opportunity to practice the methods we are discussing here and “walk the talk”, I felt the fear and did it ANYWAY. This is a re-cap of the Conversation Around Fear that I had with this fabulous group.

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When do we expect week 6 to start? Thx



I’m unable to open the page Life Grid, it’s asking me for a password.



yes sushi, I shouldn’t have added it here yet, we will get to the life grid in the third week


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